The companies in Udvikling Assens are socially responsible. They take responsibility and make a difference for their current and future employees. We put a spotlight on that, because we want to acknowledge the work they do.

  • It raises pride internally in the company.
  • It is a good signal to customers, suppliers, other partners and - not least - to the employees.
  • And it spreads ...

This is why we have created a labeling scheme - a certification scheme if you will - within the part of what is called CSR, that is about people.

Our definition of a socially responsible company is one that does more in terms of its social responsibility than is required by law. It is our term for a company that takes on extra social responsibility by doing a great deal to take care of its current and future employees.

It has to do with e.g. education, special conditions and opportunities for the disabled and / or a particularly good working environment with room for employees who, for one reason or another, cannot be employed on completely ordinary terms.

It is to the benefit of both the individual employee, the company and our society as a whole that companies (both private and public) in this way provide opportunities for more people to be part of the labor market.

The companies must meet these criteria to be labeled:

  • The company must be a member of Udvikling Assens
  • A minimum of 10% of the company's employees (measured by number of heads) must have been employed in a company internship, with wage subsidy, flex job or part-time job.
  • A minimum of 10% of the company's employees (measured by number of heads) must have been in an adult apprenticeship course, as ordinary apprentices, unemployed employees in job rotation, IGU or EGU as well as retraining courses, financed by the job center, to which company declarations are attached

Companies with less than 10 employees must meet point 1 + point 2 or 3. Companies with between 10 and 50 employees must meet all 3 points. Companies with more than 50 employees must meet all 3 points - for point 3, however, only 5% of the company's employees.

If a company cannot meet point 2 and / or 3 but is e.g. working consciously with retention of existing employees or is in other ways working with social responsibility, it can apply for "dispensation".

Find the Udvikling Assens' socially responsible companies for 2021 here